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French Wordle

When I was in French class, I was fascinated by all the French words that I’d come across in the course of the lessons. My teacher used to call them “wordsles,” and I was eager to find the French equivalent. I spent hours searching for the most common French words in my textbooks, and I was amazed at how much I learned in that time! Wordle is a fun and engaging way to learn a foreign language and has been helping French-speaking students improve their writing skills for years. Here are some of my favourite French word-related sites:

Le Mot

This web-based game teaches you to read French words and phrases by making you guess a five-letter word. If you don’t know French, you can practice your language skills by playing the Le Mot word game. You’ll find out French words in new ways by attempting daily puzzles. The best part about this game is that you can play it for free. There are many similar games available, so you’re sure to find one that you’ll enjoy!

This French version of Wordle works similarly to its English counterpart. It accepts Scrabble words, including plurals and conjugated verbs. The color of the letters changes after each test, indicating their proximity to the word of the day. For example, the letter J is in the word, but the letter R is in the wrong place, and the letter N doesn’t appear anywhere at all. Le Mot is an adaptation of Wordle.

A variation of the game was also developed in France. In addition to using the Motus aesthetics, Sutom uses the same system of letters to form a word. If the letters are in the correct place, they appear in red. Otherwise, they remain blue. It’s possible to play the game one time a day for six days and try different words until you figure out which word is the most difficult. This game is similar to Wordle and Le Mot, but has several differences.


The popular English-language game Wordle inspired the development of the French-language version, Sutom. While the English version was inspired by Shakespeare’s plays, the French version makes use of Larousse’s words and a different set of rules. Sutom is not available on app stores, but can be played via the official website. You must have a browser to play Sutom, and you’ll need to enter one word a day.

The game has already been downloaded by French users in Marseille, where it targets locals who know the Provencal language. However, it is not yet ready to be played by everyone. The game has an obvious flaw, as it does not have words from the region included in standard dictionaries. Founder Mederic Gasquet-Cyrus hopes other French speakers will create Sutoms of their own. The aim of the game is to promote the patois of the region.

The game features 6 attempts, including the first word. The letters of the word must be different and in the language of the game. However, the first word is decisive. Wordle is not only fun, but it is also an educational tool. If you want to make your English vocabulary more appealing to French speakers, you can use Sutom. This game has become so popular that it was bought by the New York Times. But what about the French version?

Wordle 272

Have you ever wondered which words in French are pronounced in a certain way? You can find the answer in Wordle 272. This puzzle will test your vocabulary by asking you to type the French word. This Wordle puzzle is in French and has three vowels and ends in an “E.” It is commonly used in cooking and in the culinary arts. Listed below are the words that begin with “SAUTE” and the answer.

Wordle has a new French-based word of the day, and it is packed with vowels! The app was developed by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer. To play Wordle, you simply enter the letters that make up the word in a text box. You’ll be given up to six tries before the word is displayed. To help you solve the puzzle, you can also see the letter-highlighted in red.

The game is free to play and gives players six attempts to guess the five-letter word. Each day, the word changes, and the letters will turn green if they appear in the right place. If you guess the correct word, you win. Clues will be provided along the way, so you can learn more about the French language and culture. You can also play the game with your family. However, the rules and the graphics aren’t for the weak at heart.


The French version of Wordle has its own set of rules, and today’s hint is Foist, the plural of foist. The word chosen by the creator is never a conjugated verb. Instead, it will always be an adjective or noun. Wordle experts use a few tricks to create unique words, without being cheating. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the French version of Wordle.


Have you ever wondered how to say SLATE in French? You’re not alone! It’s a popular and entertaining way to exercise your brain. And, with Wordle, anyone can play! And, it’s easy to access on any device. Here are some useful tips:

The first thing you need to do to play Wordle is choose a good starter word. You can only use six guesses each day, so it’s important to choose one with the most letters and most vowels. You can try to play by vibes. The mathematician who created Wordle created an automated bot that tests over 12,000 words and has discovered that the best starting word is “Crane.” But has that been the actual word you’ve used on Wordle?

The letter F in the word

If you are a fan of comedy, you may be curious to learn how to spell the letter F in French. In the early 16th century, the French word saute meant “stuffing.” However, you may be confused about how to spell the word if you don’t know the correct spelling. The Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster both state that the word is spelled with or without an accent.

A typical five-letter French word is chosen daily and has to be devined in six tries. The letters in the word change color depending on their proximity to the other letters. For example, the letter F is in the correct spot, but the letter C is in the wrong spot. And the letter R is nowhere to be found. The word F begins in the middle of the puzzle. It’s not an easy word to guess, so you should try to use your imagination!

A common mistake people make is thinking that a word must begin with a vowel. In fact, the letter F appears less often in a word than the letter R. Words with an ‘R’ at the start are generally more difficult to guess. A word with a ‘F’ at the start is easier to find than one with a ‘Y’ at the end. The letter R can also act as a surrogate vowel.

Strategy to win

One way to win at Wordle is to use the hard mode. In this mode, you must use only the correct letters in subsequent guesses. This will help you to solve the game in a shorter amount of time, as you will be able to narrow down the list of possible words. Also, this mode forces you to stare at the keyboard for a longer period of time and not backtrack to letters you already used. The hard mode score will be marked by an asterisk, which will make you think twice before you try again.

Another strategy to win French Wordle is to start with the same word each time. This will give you a baseline for your games and help you pick the right word the first time. If you have a difficult time choosing the correct word, some players on YouTube and Reddit have created statistical analyses of the letter frequencies in the word list. These data can be used to improve your own game. Another strategy is to start with a word with lots of vowels. This strategy may not be suitable for you, however, as this will make you look stupid and not be able to complete the wordle in the given time.

Another strategy to win French Wordle is to try using the “hard mode.” This mode forces you to use as many common letters as possible. However, if you do not have the right letters in your word list, you can try starting with a word that contains more letters. If you are able to repeat the same strategy in each game, then your strategy will be more effective. It will also help you build your own base strategy in the future.

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